Sunday, 10 May 2015

The Odd Couple

The last two months have been such an intense whirlwind of activity - between flying to the Island, searching for jobs, starting to date or whatever again, work stress, birthdays, and random weather I never quite felt like I was able to just stop. My sleep patterns went haywire, my mental state was full of mood-swings, convenience food became the norm, and my reading/tv backlog got totally out of hand. 

But last week I got a chance to completely unplug from the world, when I was asked if I wanted to take care of the furriest, silliest, funniest pair of dogs ever. They’re aptly named after the classic odd pair of roommates Oscar and Felix (there’s a new version out, so everyone should get the reference now) - and boy are they great entertainment. Between the stack of books their parents left out for me (book nerds unite!) and cuddling with the dogs (note to self: don’t wear black) I was fully occupied with living the simple life. 

Getting back home at the beginning of this week felt amazing, since I’m a big fan of my own bed, but looking at all the adorable photos that are filling my phone and remembering all the adorable and silly things that the dogs did will keep me in good spirits for the next little while. It might not be fashionable, but sometimes life is just better living the dog’s life!

Oscar's favourite activity (besides getting pets) is napping
Felix & his favourite toy
"Please can we come inside? It is damp out here!" 
We spent lots of time lounging in the yard and enjoying the sun
We took many many many walks through the park
- and only picked up a handful of ticks!

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Short Skirt, Long Jacket

Spring seems to have finally sprung here in Regina, but it’s still surprisingly chilly in the morning. The sun might be up by 6am, but it sure hasn’t had time to warm up the Earth by the time I have to head off for work a mere hour-and-45 later. Thankfully, my legs aren’t really bothered by the cold so I’ve brought all my skirts, and shorts, and short-shorts (oh my!) for good! Paired with a duster coat (I picked up this fabulous number, which I’m calling my boyfriend coat because of it’s masculine cut, at a thrift store a few months ago) I can totally get away with the ensemble - and bring to mind one of my favourite early-2000s jams ;) 

EDC by Esprit coat, Topshop pencil skirt, Burberry London polo shirt, Robert Vianni ballet flats

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Pumped up Kicks: a Sunday Shoe Story

It’s a good thing I don’t have high expectations for birthdays in the first place, since all I got was a nice week-long head cold that just won’t seem to fully go away… Though I will admit that I kind of deserve it for staying up til 2am the night before my birthday (super worth it because boys - need I say more), then late again the day of my birthday (also worth it because puppies & ice cream pizza & Cthulu-vanquishing), and couldn’t manage to sleep in at all or talk myself into staying home from work. It just goes to show that I really am the octogenarian that I oft-quip I am and don’t deal well with my sleep schedule being interrupted. 

That being said, my early-bird hours make it that much easier to get up and be functional at work, makes sure that I’m on time for all the early book sales, and I can galavant around my neighbourhood taking photos of my shoes without too many weird stares from passers by. Yeah, I’m that weird girl; deal with it! I was actually quite surprised that there was a set of kids out on the playground that I had scoped out for my photoshoot this morning - like really, who takes their kids to the playground at 9am on a Sunday? I guess we all have a touch of Spring-fever at the moment since the temps have sky-rocketed, and everyone seems to be out and about as much as possible (including me). The nice weather and dry ground sure is making it easier for me to plan photoshoots at different locations around town, but it means I’m going to have to push my innate shy-girl to the side since there’s likely to be an accidental audience!

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Chucks on with Saint Laurent: a Sunday Shoe Story

Andy Warhol once said “Art is what you can get away with.” Props to Andy for hitting the nail on the head, but for a man who considered his life to be art it would have been more accurate to say “Life is what you can get away with.” Living life out loud is something that I’ve been slowly trying to live up to more in the last year, since I realized that I was letting a lot pass me by. Sure, there are still limits (mostly because I don’t want to end up in the hospital at 3am again), but what is life if I’m not living it. Whether this manifests itself into spending all weekend watching Game of Thrones, giving “the wrong” people second (or third) chances, or wearing something that might be just this side of the dress code at work may not be advisable according to some, but thus far I’m getting away with it so I must be doing something right! So here’s to you Mr. Warhol, and to living life like I know exactly what I’m doing. 

Divided by H&M faux fur vest; Makers jeans; Smart Set shirt; vintage studded belt; Betsey Johnson aviator sunglasses; Aldo Accessories leopard earrings; MMS mini-audiere; Converse Hightop Chuck Taylor Allstar "The Who" runners

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Calling Anastacia Beaverhousen

The best thing about Saskatchewan Winters is the handy excuse that the weather provides to be completely antisocial on Saturday evenings. Forget date nights with boys; my fur & I are staying in! 

* vintage fox fur coat

Sunday, 15 February 2015

He’s Just Not That Into You: a Sunday Shoe Story

I’m sure you’re all far too familiar with how much I despise Hallmark-greeting-card-fakey-bullshit holidays like Valentine’s Day - or as I generally refer to it: Singles Awareness Day. The black parade continues year after year, not just because I’m bitter, but because the older we get the more pressure there seems to be from society to conform and join the masses of pairs. It sure doesn’t help that the dreaded holiday falls smack-dab at the three-quarters-through-but-not-quite-there mark of Canadian Winter, a time when seasonal depression is pretty much guaranteed to be at a peak. 

But there are ways of getting through the dreaded day alone - we’re all still here aren’t we -and I figured that I would share what I did yesterday/today (this week has been one big emotional roller coaster-dumping ground of drama, so I needed 2 days to start feeling functional again) so that you all know that you’re not alone in this. 

Step 1: Read a book that makes you laugh so much that you can’t stop. Preferably so much that your abs hurt afterwards (added workout bonus!). My pick this year was Douglas Coupland’s JPod, since there’s a reason why I can’t read this book in public. 

Step 2: Chocolate. Lots of it. (Who are we kidding, we have chocolate every weekend). 

Step 3: Watch a favourite old movie, while painting your nails. For maximum nostalgia pick a 90s movie, since it’s guaranteed to make you laugh at how young you once were, and the nail polish will definitely be a flashback for any child of the 90s (how many Wet n’ Wild polishes do you still have that are probably calcified - don’t lie). A slasher film also works well if we’re feeling a little more violent than usual - though I usually save those for Christmas. This year I watched Almost Famous and painted my nails with China Glaze’s “Heart of Africa,” a nice heart-vein red, so I figure I struck a good balance between nostalgia and latent murderous tendencies. 

Step 4: Turn on you iPod on shuffle, put on your most kick-ass shoes, and dance around your apartment like a crazy person. This isn’t something we can generally do with boys around (they don’t seem to understand the need for crazy dancing or our obsession with Much Dance 1997), so now is the time to live it up! I spent a few tracks wallowing in the awesomeness that is late-1990s/early-2000s music before settling firmly into a Green Day-fueled cycle of punk-rock. Their songs are bitter without being too angry, and they’ll always remind me of the various times in my life when things have been really awesome (their album releases are quite timely, coincidentally). 

Step 5: Come to the realization that it’s them, and not you. Chances are you’ve been waiting patiently by the phone, or waiting patiently by the phone after being assertive, or getting blown off for the third time in a row (seriously). Trust me darling, it’s not you. When it comes down to it, we all know for a fact that there are a hell of a lot more Jack Bergers than Mr. Bigs out in the dating pool. Thankfully, those of us who are smart (read: practical) took another life lesson from Sex & the City to heart and let our BFFs be our soul mates - after all they generally don’t forget our birthdays, whine about how many shoes we own, stop talking to us for a week, or break our hearts. 

So here’s to my girls, you know who you are!

*shoes by Michael Antontio; vintage necklaces

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Delicious: a Sunday Shoe Story

There are some occasions when I take other people’s opinions seriously. When my BFF insisted that I see the first Sex & the City movie, when my dad gives me computer advice, when my ex-boss handed me the entire run of Locke & Key. Actually, that’s about the extent of suggestion that I’m willing to take. Question my taste in literature (Neil Gaiman is a god), movies (Wes Anderson can suck it), date-able men (cheekbones that cut like a knife & a taste for Mercedes-Benzes are a must), or shoes (6” isn’t that high) chances are my response will be “great, more for me.” I might have taken the lesson in agreeing to disagree seriously in kindergarten, but I never really learned to care about social norms. Peer pressure is for chumps, after all!

Delicious platform heels; Flying Monkey jeans